Zahara’s family are selling her belongings.


Zahara’s family are selling her belongings.

Zahara’s family has made every effort to keep her house. The family has tried, but they have not been able to generate enough money to keep up Zahara’s home.


Sunday World reports that Zahara’s family has begun to sell her furniture. The luxurious items are allegedly being given out on WhatsApp along with price tags. Couches, every refrigerator and storage space, a TV, and other stuff are up for sale.


Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana, Zahara’s sister, reportedly took residence in Zahara’s home when the musician was hospitalised. Zahara’s close friend in the entertainment industry, Vusi Nova, promised to always take care of her family. Regarding the sale of the furniture, he said: “I am always there for the stuff that they need and for the parents, but they did not tell me anything about selling furniture. I am so shocked about what you are telling me. I didn’t know”

Zahara’s cousin and former manager confirmed that they were selling the furniture. Mpho Xaba, Zahara’s husband, declined to comment, saying, “I have no comment with regards to Zahara and her family’s shenanigans.”


When people learned about the details of Zahara’s family’s survival without her, many of them expressed their opinions.

@ObbyBaloyi said: “A lesson to the living, the ones who bought houses and have not taken insurance in case they die or lose their jobs. A lesson to the rich, if you have time to settle that house, do so, you can die at anytime.”

@DonMasakala commented: “A painful part of many black people who appear rich.”

@lesibamike noted: “Living in the suburbs is not cheap, even if the property is paid off, rates and taxes, maintenance, water and lights etc are exorbitant.”

South Africans shared their thoughts about SARS in a letter of demand for Zahara, who is deceased. Netizens then shared their thoughts about SARS as they discussed the Afropop singer. Many people shared their opinions about SARS’s plans for Zahara’s estate.

Netizens questioned whether SARS can enact a letter of demand for someone who is deceased. According to SARS, a 20% estate duty is due to them for an estate valued at more than R3.5 million, which is due when one dies.

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