Zakes Bantwini Says A Car Is A Better Investment Than A House. Do you agree?

Zakes Bantwini Says A Car Is A Better Investment Than A House. Do you agree?

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Zake Bantwini created some pretty fascinating comments regarding what he thinks could be a smarter investment between shopping for a house or an automobile. The husband of Black Is King star Nandi Madida opened regarding numerous topics with MacG on his show- Podcast and Chill with MacG. One topic that got everyone’s attention was his finances. The star shared recommendations to fans regarding investments and also the importance of maintaining appearances. He then went on to clarify why shopping for a BMW would be a stronger investment than shopping for a car;

“Why i might obtain a BMW before a home is as a result of I pay ten hours within the BMW and that i solely pay 3 hours in my house,”
“We should we tend toar our price and that we should drive our price where we go,” he explained.

Tweeps didn’t quite agree although
But not everybody agrees with the star’s money decisions and a few tweeps thought it absolutely was downright stupid.
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To some this comes as a surprise given the singer is understood for speaking out regarding cash matters and connected problems that really add up. He even met with government minister statesman Mbowenito {talk regarding|mention|cite|point out|refer|name|remark|quote|observe|bring up|point out|say|state} however the pandemic has cornered several Sturmarbeiteilung youth in financial condition and what may be done about it. therefore to listen to him say investment concepts that individuals don’t accept as true with could be a bit strange.

And he’s aforementioned some outrageous things within the past too
The singer conjointly recently got into hassle for creating some outrageous tweets regarding however the govt and hospitals square measure handling covid-19 health care. He blatantly declared that four folks that were near to him died whereas undergoing treatment for the virus as a result of their ventilators died thanks to load shedding. He went on to mention that he was disturbed for anyone undergoing treatment in ventilators or anyone UN agency may need died thanks to the exact same reason.

You can solely imagine the backlash he got for these comments. Netizens failed to appreciate however these comments may be doubtless dishonest and endanger the lives of these wish to hunt treatment for the illness.
To make matters worse, his unsuspecting better half, histrion Nandi Madida, was conjointly dragged into the outrage. The histrion announce a Nala tweet in Sept and Netizens were fast to decision her a deceiver. Let’s hope he hasn’t got something additional controversial to mention for a moment.