Zakes Bantwini’s tragic day! His brother dies on the scene in car accident

Zakes Bantwini’s tragic day! His brother dies on the scene in car accident

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There is no greater loss than the loss of a beloved. The award-winning singer and record producer Zakhele Madida popularly referred to as Zakes Bantwini took to his Instagram to speak about the tragic day that claimed the lifetime of his close friend and colleague. On his lengthy Instagram post, Zakes briefly spoke about friends feuds, his music journey, and therefore the day he was involved during a car accident. The accident took the lifetime of late DJ Sibusiso Manyandu who was popularly referred to as DJ Budda. He said on the day he and L’vovo landed within the hospital. Zakes Bantwini “Before money and jealous so-called friends divided us, we were one among the strongest labels to return out of Durban. Mayonie Productions paved the way for Durban Kwaito Music/ musicians, We lost our dear brother DJ Budda in an accident coming from a gig in Delmas, he lost his life instantly and @lvovosa & myself were hospitalized and then accident, it all went South.” DJ Budda died back in 2007 at age of 30.144091456 508020213528961 5786579900132369910 n

He was one among the 2 people that died therein accident that day. He said one piece of recommendation he could give his younger self is to never ignore any signals. Zakes Bantwini “I was leading a really dynamic music label with unknown hungry young minds which are documented today. If I could advise my younger self I’ll say, don’t ignore any signals and your inner voice cause I had a sense we’ll break up but I didn’t believe it cause we were killing it and making tons of cash with no 1 albums. Budda I miss you, bro.” His fans urged him to regroup and devour here they left off, here are a number of the reactions. “Zakes beside bhuda you guys are still alive nje regroup and do what you recognize the simplest n*ggs and if you mention jealous so-called friends who allowed them between you guy.?” “I are going to be forever grateful for the chance you gave me as an intern ko mayonie production in 2007.144110206 257842765709420 1060561196674219637 nhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I graduated in ND maeketing, bengikhina senza ama event everywhere KZN. Sikhulisa brand ka LV no Bhizori. The vision was clear. DJ Budda ulalengokuphumula. As for Mayonie Production, i feel Madida kusamele uyibuyise” Zakes Bantwini has given such a lot to the music industry. He started his record label ‘Mayonie Productions’ back in 2004 when he was still a student at DUT. The label has born to the long-standing music careers of award-winning artists like L’vovo Derrango. Zakes is additionally known for developing the musical genre referred to as Durban Kwaito Music (DKM) which is an infusion of house beats and Kwaito lyrics. He has over five studio albums under his belt.145264115 258234249249852 2977181173283945689 n

He has won several awards including Record of the Year (SAMAs), an album of the Year (SAMAs) Male Artist of the Year (SAMAS), a Best Male Award at the Metro FM Awards, and Chanel O Awards for Video of the Year just to say a couple of. -ZAlebs