Muvhango: Zama and Vutshilo confess their love

Muvhango: Zama and Vutshilo confess their love



Finally, Zama and Vutshilo have feelings for each other, Zama wanted to invite Vutshilo for lunch after Mpho advised her to follow her heart because she was noticing that Zama loves Vutshilo, then Vutshilo turns her down because he wants to forget about her.


So now Kgosi gave him an idea because he noticed that Zama invited Vutshilo to date because she misses him, so now Vutshilo will take Kgosis advice and try for the Last time, it seems like Zama loved Vutshilo a long time ago but she was just wanted to play hard to get.

And Vutshilo was trying by all means to get Zama’s attention but he failed, and he ended up giving up because he realized that he is no longer himself because of a Girl.


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