Zenande Mfenyana talks about her Hubby power.

Zenande Mfenyana talks about her Hubby power.

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New mommy Zenande Mfenyana took to Twitter recently to gush over her hubby. Commending him on his fitness.

The Queen actress has opened about losing a lover last year. She didn’t enter detail about how the friendship ended but the hack is taking it’s toll on her. Not revealing the identity of the once close friend who broke up together with her , she said “Unrequited love happens even in friendships kanti? It’s my first time experiencing heartbreak over a lover . i assume i need to take my L in peace and let her be…”

The broody mom probably won’t let the friendship affect her that much since her daughter is that the center of her universe. The new mom gushes over her daughter tons on social media and she or he does that without posting any of her pictures.

The actress also revealed that she is basically loving motherhood. “This is that the heaven she imagined. I see it in how happy my daughter is. It’s lovely here at mommyville.”

The new mom also said that she’d wish to meet with a number of her friends from pre-school. Out of her own curiosity, she’d wish to see where they’re in life immediately . “I have this deep longing to satisfy up with people I visited kindergarten with, I just wana see them and see how they’re doing and stuff you know? That’s just my curious nature playing out i assume .”
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Zenande took to social media to reveal which song she doesn’t want her baby knowing, it is the popular baby song called Baby Shark.

“One of the songs I’m not introducing my daughter to is “Baby shark” that song is annoying.” Tweeted Zendande. “She doesn’t ever need to realize it. Her swimming instructor started singing it once I took her for her floatation and that i said “no ma’am, pick another song please”
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Mfenyana are going to be making her big come on the favored telenovela The Queen late this year. Unlike her friend Rami Chuene who bad mouthed The Fergusons, she is keeping her mouth shut. She has got to keep her job afterall.

She did tease that she has some tea to spill, however retracted her statement when she said “Hands Off The Fergusons.”