Zizo and her son are the cutest 😍

Zizo and her son are the cutest 😍

It seems like there's a lot of fertility in the air in ZAlebville with a recent slue of pregnancy announcements! From Linda Mtoba to Abdul Khoza, there seems to be a lot of new chapters to figure out. And what's harder to get a handle on than becoming a parent for the first time?

Luckily, they are not left completely in the cold! There are parents in ZAlebville who make it a point to share both the low points and high points in parenthood. The latest being Zizo Tshwete.

Zizo shared that as much as the terrible two's have passed, there's always a new child-rearing challenge to deal with. The latest one being how to deal with toddler tantrums!

In a moment of parental dismay, Zizo reached out to her fellow mothers on social media for their tips and tricks. See the post below:

Dealing with your children's tantrums is something all mothers can attest to. Her comments immediately flooded with heartwarming stories from moms about the terror their toddlers have brought in to their lives.

"No matter how organized you are, being a parent is not easy at all," said Zizo. But she clarified that she wouldn't trade it for the world!

There's definitely nothing like a mother's love so we know that Zizo, and all the mom's in ZAlebville, will be just fine!