Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A Mother of Two


Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A Mother of Two

Zodwa From Gomora

Sannah Mchunu who plays Zodwa on Gomora is one of the foremost celebrated actresses in Mzansi. Here are 5 belongings you got to realize the award-winning star actress.

Comparing the background of Sannah Mchunu together with her feats today, one is nearly tempted to argue that her background was never rough. The veteran South African actress has become one of the prominent figures within the show business whose life inspires upcoming actors. She didn’t allow the past pains, including the domestic abuse she suffered from her husband, to discourage her progress or hinder her from becoming the lady of influence, which she is today. Mchunu is well celebrated as Sana.

The South African actress Mchunu came to the limelight after playing the role of Nomarashiya within the SABC2 series Muvhango before playing the role of Zodwa within the South African drama series Gomora. Her roles in these drama series have brought her admiration, accolades, and praises from viewers across the state . one among the items that make Zodwa’s character quite real to viewers is that the incontrovertible fact that she has practical experience within the role she played.


At 19 She was Already A Mother of Two

Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A  Mother of Two

Sana is one of South Africa’s most graced and talented actors, albeit she is from a humble family, she has rewritten her story for the higher. She already had two kids when she was 19 years old, albeit she had not completed high school then. The 48-year-old Mofolo star actress may be a mother of seven.

Who is Sana Mchunu’s husband?

Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A  Mother of Two

Sana is currently not married, she was married at a young age, but the connection didn’t compute thanks to violence. Sana Mchunu’s husband abused her for nine years until she had to voice out and walk out of the wedding when the pain became unbearable.

She revealed that her children encouraged her to go away, which singular decision became the simplest decision she has made thus far in her entire life.

Reviving her painful marital life, Zodwa said,

“I had to travel back home to Sgodiphola in Soweto with nothing to supply my children. He had the cash and everyone I knew was to offer birth and stay home. Sometimes you would like to steer faraway from situations that don’t serve you and learn to start out once again. check out me now – telling amazing stories and making the country laugh.”

The star actress set the web ablaze after she posted an intimate selfie with a person. Little is understood about the mysterious man as of yet.

Sana won’t to Dance For Brenda Fassie

Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A  Mother of Two

Just like Leleti Khumalo, Sannah started off her career through dancing. Sannah started her career very early in life as an adolescent and she or he wont to dance for the deceased Brenda Fassie. She stopped the dancing career unwillingly after she got pregnant. Though she had aspirations, becoming an actress was never a neighborhood of them, unknown to her that fate had something different.

Zodwa From Gomora At 19 She was Already A  Mother of Two
She first appeared within the e.tv’s anthology series eKasi: Our Stories, taking over multiple roles before other acting opportunities crossed her path. She featured in other prominent drama series, including Mzansi show The Queen, Isabaya, Generations, Muvhango, Gauteng Maboneng, Keeping Score also because of the popular telenovela show Rhythm City. The role of Sana Mchunu on The River series left her viewers with a thrill that only more of her appearance within the show could relish. In 2013, she featured within the Mzansi Magic series Vuka Mawulele, where she assumed the role of Grace Letsoalo.

The actress isn’t much into social media but when she shows up she always leaves steamy images. Sana always shows off her booty and dancing skills to stay her followers entertained.