Zodwa Mara. Ok, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have a script #GomoraMzansi

Zodwa Mara. Ok, it’s safe to say she doesn’t have a script #GomoraMzansi

Sannah Mcunu

As if right on cue to remind viewers why Sannah Mchunu bagged an award at the recent Royalty Soapie Awards, Zodwa left fans in stitches on Tuesday night’s episode of Gomora.

Fans have no doubt that the actress who brings Zodwa to life was totes worthy of the Outstanding Supporting Actress award she recently won over colleagues such as Nomsa Buthelezi, Lydia Mokgokoloshi and Siyasanga Papu.

The seasoned actress, who has been in the industry for well over a decade, was emotional when she accepted her award.

“It’s with gratitude that I sit here among all these great veterans and be chosen as the winner of this category. Never in my wildest dreams did I even think I’d stand on a stage and thank you all for being my stepping stone. Ngiyabonga kini nonke, Ngithi kwande,” she said on Instagram, sharing pics of herself accepting her award.

The character of Zodwa is a firm fave on the social media streets and she often trends after an episode of the show. She trends mostly for her lack of command of English and how she loves to use the language even though she’s aware it dribbles her all the time.

Fans stan Zodwa’s confidence and the wisdom she has and always shares … even though every second word out of her mouth deserves to part of a stand-up comedy skit!

Basically Zodwa took over Tuesday’s entire episode when she began explaining — in Engrish (yes, engrish) — how she found an elite private driving school for Teddy to take lessons. There they apparently teach you to drive as you walk and talk or something like that …

Needless to say, fans were dead by laughter. Here’s the memefest to prove it!