Zodwa Wabantu & boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi break up


Zodwa Wabantu & boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi break up

Coronavirus sure has changed her in some ways. She’s now become an exercise loving,tea-drinking, TV-watching woman – all because of the national lockdown. But there’s one thing about Zodwa Wabantu fans know and love that remains her love of showing off her body.

The 34-year-old has been keeping her followers entertained – and getting fit while doing it – by showing off videos of herself jogging around her yard in her underwear or during a bikini.

Even a break-in and a few tension between her and her bae, Vusi Buthelezi (24), haven’t killed her spirits.

She simply cries, then moves on, she tells DRUM.

Zodwa tells us she’s been making the foremost of being forced to remain home. “Before the lockdown, I didn’t like the gym. Well, now I even have the time for it,” she says.

She has equipment in her range in Malvern, Durban, that she wasn’t using. Now her treadmill, bicycle, maxi climber, and a few dumbbells are put to good use. “I am into it now because I’m bored,” she says.

“I would always awaken drunk or too tired after an evening of partying. Now I’m sober. I even have time and that I like it .”

For 45 minutes on most weekdays, Zodwa indulges in her new hobby.

Her new favorite quarantine partner is undoubtedly her four-month-old dog, Prince. Her pet has become a part of her daily routine. “I awaken, make tea, jog, and that I feed my dog,” Zodwa says.

She also sleeps tons. But when awake she’s on her couch watching TV. “I watch everything, which are some things I never get time to try to to. From cartoons to Uyajola 9/9,” she says.

Although she’s one among the few who still features a comfortable stash of booze, she hasn’t been drinking the way she usually does. Instead, tea has become her favorite beverage, made with many Cremora.

Her new daily routine, however, was horribly disrupted when thieves broke into her home last month and took items worth quite R100 000. They stole her laptop, clothes, perfume bottles, and various other valuables.

She’s working through it, she says. “I cry tons in my house. that’s how I affect things.”

Zodwa has been sharing her emotional turmoil with fans. Not simply because of the burglary, but because the time reception has involved tons of introspection.

In a video she posted on social media, the socialite was crying as she poured her heart out as she encouraged others browsing a troublesome time to chin-up.

“I will pick myself up and things are going to be alright,” came her tearful message. “No one should feel anyhow, this is often life. Things get real. Just appreciate your life.

“Know that whatever you’re browsing, was given to you for a reason. Love yourself and have the spirit to start out over, do more, and exerting .”

SHE’S had tons of your time to seem deeper into herself during the lockdown, Zodwa says. “I desire I’m inbox when home.” When she’s working, Zodwa spends her time on the road, traveling, and entertaining people.

The idea of staying home was very challenging for the extrovert, but it’s made her believe the way to navigate life and love herself better. “I have given such a lot of me. I’m tired and that I just want to be me. Sometimes you give people money and, really, I feel used. I’m that specialize in me.”

And she’s got a touch more room to specialize in herself after Vusi left. that they had been in lockdown together initially but it didn’t last.

After the break-in, Zodwa says things were a tad tense between the couple, who are together for a couple of months.

“Things weren’t understanding,” she says. “He left yesterday but I’ve learned that you simply must allow people to go away. You accept things as they’re available and as they are and permit people to be themselves.”

Zodwa says they’re healing from what happened and handling it in their own ways.

To keep herself busy, she tried to cook but it didn’t end up well. “I hate cooking,” she admits. “I cooked samp – it had been on the stove for hours and that I forgot to season it. it had been a multitude. I had to throw it away and that I felt bad because there are people starving during these tough times.”

As soon as lockdown restrictions were eased to level 4 and a few businesses re-opened, Zodwa rushed to her favorite shisa nyama in Durban where she got dumplings and chicken feet.

She’s unfazed by the Instagram-worthy food that’s been flooding timelines since the lockdown.

“There is not any time for being extravagant or for celebrity life. All folks are browsing the foremost. Right now, what matters has enough food and that’s it. It’s all about buying what you actually need. With an easy life, you won’t fail.

“Home should be home, be comfortable and every one the items you would like should already be in your house. Why would you be buying stuff that’s not important now?”

ZODWA is itching to urge back to life without the lockdown. She’s got tons of plans within the pipeline but in the meantime, she’s maintaining together with her various businesses. “I’m busy with plans for a cosmetic range, your nail enamel, mascara, body shimmer, which are halted thanks to Covid-19,” she shares proudly.

She’s also done collaborations and remains to perform on more so when lockdown ends, she hits the bottom running. “I am getting to be everywhere, I’m getting to be fully booked,” she says.

“I am getting to close big deals – and that I am talking millions.”

This time has also given her the chance to seem back at the diligence she’s put into becoming who she is.

“I had nothing. Today I’m here because I even have made it about investing in my brand and growing my money.

“I haven’t made it, the vision remains growing. whenever I make money, I put it back to the business,” Zodwa says.

She is grateful for where she is, regardless of the challenges. “I am glad I don’t need to roll in the hay men for food.”

And although she knows it’s tough for many South Africans immediately, Zodwa wants people to stay going.

“For now, the lookout of yourself and stay home,” she says. “And if you’ll help others stay afloat during this point, do so. Help each other. we’ve friends who don’t have anything . Give them money. most significantly, refund and shut one’s mouth about it.”

‘For now, lookout of yourself and stay home’