Zodwa Wabantu raises goats to live in her house


Zodwa Wabantu raises goats to live in her house


Zodwa Wabantu is not shy to share her life with her fans. She has shared even her results from the HIV test and her Ben 10s. Of late, she share her video with her Ben 10 who is believed to be a soccer star.
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I thought Zodwa Wabantu attends the Zion church because at some stage, she shared a video of herself and she had a rope on her waist. 2 days ago, she shared a video of herself dragged a goat to the house probably in Soweto, where she was born and raised. She talks to the goat and says, come and she is taking her inside as a ritual to appease the dead

Most of her fans praised her for following the traditional rituals and says that is the reason why she is wealthy is that she is following our traditions and does those rituals that bring her luck.


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Zodwa Wabantu who hails from Soweto, her mother died when she was 11, she was raised up by her maternal grandmother and maternal aunt. She left home when she was 16. She started to hustle to feed herself and she ended up in Durban and there, a viral image of her hitting the dance floor wearing short skirts at Eyadini made her famous. She went on to announce that she have made R1m out of the entertainment in 2018. Since Zodwa made a name of herself as a public.

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