Zoe Mthiyane fired from Generations The Legacy

Zoe Mthiyane fired from Generations The Legacy

Zoe Mthiyane
Last week News365.co.za published about the actress’ split together with her bae, actor Rapulana and things seem to be falling apart in Zoe’s life. She is reportedly been fired from Generations: The Legacy.

Well, this hasn’t been the simplest week for Zoe Mthiyane. She has been within the news for negative reasons lately . Just a couple of days ago, Zoe and Rapulana Seiphemo,’s breakup made headlines in various publications across the country.

Zoe Mthiyane2There have also been reports that, the talented actress has been suspended from the Generations: The Legacy set. Apparently, Zoe, was suspended from the set of the show after she arrived on set intoxicated. Well, if there’s any truth in reports doing the rounds, her suspension led to tears.

Zoe, has been fired from the SABC1 popular soapie. She played Zitha Langa, a woman, who would do anything to remain in power. aside from her on Generations, Zoe, has also performed at The Legend of Tarzan 2016 movie as a gap vocalist. Then, in 2017, she played the role of Katherine within the movie, She is King.

“TV: Zoe Mthiyane fired from Generations The gorgeous star revealed the news today. I even have confirmed with sources that she is not any longer with the SABC1 soapie.“

Zoe Mthiyane3The news was confirmed by Generations insiders who claimed the split was taking its toll on Zoe Mthiyana who’d allegedly been coming to figure drunk. Mthiyane, who plays Zitha Langa shared that it’s been a troublesome year for her personally. “It’s over between the 2 folks . i’m content. I suffer from an mental disorder . To be honest, though i’m not prepared to speak about my mental issues” said Mthiyane.