Zola 7’s video with his daughter will make you Cry


Zola 7’s video with his daughter will make you Cry

After watching a tear-jerking video of Zola7 and his daughter, Mzansi couldn’t stop crying. Many people have expressed their joy at seeing Zola7’s sense of humor return after such a long period of time in a video that is currently circulating on social media. Zola can be seen in a video singing an unusual song with the help of his daughter. Unfortunately, the little girl’s enthusiasm for singing with her father is lacking. When she sings with him, Mzansi notices the enthusiasm she brings to the table.

It’s heartbreaking to think that he’s gone and that he’ll never be the same again. It’s clear that he has a mental illness now that he’s become so well-known recently.

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For their own gain, they engage in play with him. a woman in the back is seen in the newly released video holding a baby. Because he is the father of his children, it’s hard to say for sure. According to reports, he is staying with his family due to the fact that he has seven children. Then, it was revealed that he does not know the identity of the mother of his children.

Many of MaMkhize’s fans have asked for help with his clothing line. According to the evidence, he has appeared in a number of videos dressed in the same way. MaMkhize should be able to provide him with new clothing, according to one Facebook user.

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In most of Zola’s recent videos, he appears to be intoxicated at all times. As long as he continues in this manner, many of his supporters are beginning to wonder how he will recover. Zola should shave his head to make it easier for us to fall in love with him.

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