Zola Hashatsi revealed the reason Khanyi Mbau’s relationship ended

Zola Hashatsi revealed the reason Khanyi Mbau’s relationship ended

If it is not Zola Hashatsi, then who? The entertainer took time to mock actress Khanyi Mbau, and it is just hilarious. By putting her life on social media, Khanyi must have at least known that she will be a joke to many for a couple of days. The stunt she recently pulled will always be brought up again whenever people want.

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It has already started as Zola compiled pictures of Khanyi Mbau with each ex that she went publicly famous with. It started with Khanyi’s baby daddy, Mandla Mthembu, her boyfriend of 10 years. The other two are Tebogo Lerole, and the latest, Kudzai Mushonga.

All these men were romantically attracted to Khanyi. They got to a point where they carried her in a certain position. Zola posted the pictures of the three men on his Instagram, and it seems they all carried Khanyi in the same way in the pictures.


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According to Zola, these are the poses that ended their relationships by saying, “Bathi bonke laba bamoshe ngoku mukuka qha. Whashaya le pose, then sekunjalo”. (All these people ruined their relationship by carrying her this way. If you do this pose, then that is it).

It looks like Zola is saying that if you want your relationship with Khanyi to survive, it means you should not carry her that way. It seems to be the Khanyi Mbau’s ‘cursed pose’, but we do know that Zola was just joking by what he was saying and did not mean it. He was just taking a situation that turned into a coincidence and decided to make a laugh about it.

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