Zola Hashatsi says We must help SK Khoza quickly


Zola Hashatsi says We must help SK Khoza quickly

TV presenter Zola Hashatsi wants his dear friend SK Khoza to get the help he needs. This after numerous videos of the actor insulting random people went viral. Taking to Instagram, Zola urged SK to check his DMs so they can talk.
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SK Khoza has caused a social media storm after videos of him acting strangely went viral. In one of the videos SK was swearing at a white man and hurled insults while another black man tried to stop him. In another one, he was at a petrol station when he provokes another white guy to fight him.

Another video surfaced where SK shouted at a security guard at a liquour store and a man tried to restrict him from being violent.

All of these videos were taken on the same day as he was wearing an orange sweater, joggers and no shoes.

Many people thought he was high on drugs but he refuted that. Others thought he was bewitched by his baby mama, but she denied that.

Now, his industry friend are starting to get worried about him and now Zola wants answers.SK Khoza
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Speaking to TshisaLive, Zola said people need to start acting now before something bad happens to SK, “He’s a friend and fellow thespian … Reaching out to him on social media is just to make aware other fellow thespians and ‘friends’ … So it’s just a wake-up call for people to be aware and to try to help because if anything happens to him — God forbid — we’ll see people coming through,” he told the publication.

“We’ve seen how they did with Pro, with Kuli, with City Lyts. If you’re going to call yourself a friend, you must be able to call each other out when we’re doing the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Zola says the behaviour he is giving off, is not in character and SK might be bewitched, “It just hurts because you can see that, it’s not him. He’s not in control of what’s happening to him. It’s just out of character. It’s not him. I’ve worked with him, so I know SK. That’s just not him. Something is controlling [him] or someone is doing voodoo work.”

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