Zola Nombona is not pulling out all the stops to bring her latest character on Isono to life

Zola Nombona is not pulling out all the stops to bring her latest character on Isono to life

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When actor novelist Nombona isn’t birth control all the stops to bring her latest character on Isono to life, she’s reception juggling the fun of family relationships.

Zola, World Health Organization recently joined the solid of the BET series, plays the role of Zoleka Sigcawu, head of the production of the sports channel UltraSport and therefore the love interest of jock Makwande, vie by Anga Makhubalo.

In an associate degree interview with  daneloo, novelist aforesaid she felt just like the role was “written within the stars” for her.

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She aforesaid fans might anticipate action from Zoleka and Makwande as they fight to beat challenges in their romance.

“Their challenge is that the skilled world versus their relationship. the longer term of the story is admittedly concerning the dynamics between associate degree worker World Health Organization becomes your partner,” she said.

The star conjointly recently appeared within the short film unfree by Athi Petela, which specializes in the lifetime of associate degree LGBTQI+ lady and therefore the challenges she faces in Storm Troops.

Speaking concerning her lead character, the star hopes the story touched the lives of all World Health Organization watch it.

“From associate degree artist’s purpose of reading, I hope u-Ayanda has touched a lot of people’s lives, and many individuals see themselves in her and not simply specifically the LGBTQI+ community however any individual World Health Organization seems like, whether or not sexually or economically, we tend to all get unfree in one thing. it’s a contented story, it is a reasonably story we tend to hardly see lately among our reality,” aforesaid novelist.

Zola conjointly displayed concerning juggling her career and family relationship when the biological process last year.

“It’s the most effective plan I even have ever had. He brings such a lot of life and joy to my life. fortuitously, I started acting and had a foundation before I became a mother.

“When a baby comes, they do not return and alter your life during a sense that World Health Organization you fully change however they are available and increase what you’re. My son is an associate degree addition to my life, a stunning one at that,” she said.