Zola7 appeared with Musa Mseleku and fans are warning him

Zola7 appeared with Musa Mseleku and fans are warning him


People were left happy after seeing Zola7 with the businessman and marriage expert Musa Mseleku. Zola7 has recently taken it to a social media page where he posted his recent pictures with Musa Mseleku. Many fans and followers went to their social media pages where they wished him the best. While some have warned him from taking notes from him.

Taking down notes

With caption: “Taking down notes”

Zola7 who is known by his real name as Bonginkosi Dlamini said that he takes notes from businessmen. We all know that Musa Mseleku is popularly known as a businessman who has been married to four 4 wives. Many people have warned him not to go into polygamy marriage like Musa Mseleku.

Musa Mseleku is one of the successful polygamous businessmen but some people don’t wish to be like him. After his recent episode of #Uthandonesthembu where he was asking his wives to have a girlfriend, people on social media have warned Zola7 not to be like him. This comes after people remembered that Musa Mseleku cried to his wives because he wanted to have a girlfriend.

Mzansi could not help but to notice that Zola7 is looking great. Many people who went and commented in his timeline have been complimenting him about his skin and the weight gain. After battling with chronic diseases, Zola7 is now back to the spotlight and everyone is happy to see him again.

Mzansi has been giving Zola7 his flowers back for the work he has been doing in the country. Zola7 have recently came back from the stage after being away for few years. Zola7 has changed since he came back to the entertainment industry.

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