Zola7 responds to Nota Baloyi’s allegations


Zola7 responds to Nota Baloyi’s allegations

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Zola 7’s personal assistant has responded to the musician’s personal assistant’s reaction to widespread concern for his well-being. Nota Baloyi, a podcaster, sparked widespread concern after posting on social media that Zola was struggling to make ends meet.

Zola 7 staff have responded to concerns and rumors by denying their seven children are not being properly cared for. Claims by Nota Baloyi about Zola 7’s financial difficulties have been refuted.

South Africans have been led to believe the once-famous Zola was now struggling to make it to the weekend’s meeting because of the controversial podcaster. Nota Baloyi’s claims about his welfare have been refuted by Zola 7.

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Zola 7 fans can now rest easy knowing the media personality is in good health. After saying that Zola really fought, Nota Baloyi was finally exposed as a liar.

According to TimesLIVE, Zola’s personal assistant Siki Kunene has spoken to the media to disprove all of Nota Baloyi’s allegations. In response to the disturbing allegations, Siki stated: “Everything he claims is utter nonsense. He’s just trying to make a big deal out of nothing.

Bonginkosi is actually perfectly fine. He suffers from epilepsy.

For this, he is in long-term treatment. According to Nota’s version of events, he made these claims primarily based on an interview Zola conducted with MacG and the team on Podcast and Chill last year.

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