More pictures from Zolani end Emma’s wedding

More pictures from Zolani end Emma’s wedding

Emma and Zolani 1

Fans of The River were shocked this season when Lunathi Mampofu reprised her role of the villainous Emma because she got killed in the previous season by Sindi Dlathu’s character, Lindiwe Dikana.

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Were we not shocked to see moghel alive and well? Like the sense through the hourglass, moghel arrived with a bun in the oven, homeless and ready to pop.

It didn’t take long for Lindiwe and her ex-husband, Zolani to suspect that she was faking her pregnancy. When they eventually found out that she wasn’t faking it, they didn’t believe that Zo was the father.

Lindiwe eventually took some of her DNA and it turned out Emma was telling the truth. But the drama didn’t stop there, Lindiwe and Zolani hatched another devious plan; that they will kill Emma once the baby is born and raised him as a Dikana.

Thank heavens Zolani came to his senses once the baby arrived, as he saved Emma’s life just in time after the birth of their daughter, and Emma and Zolani rekindled their relationship, and they’re raising their child together in Lindiwe’s mansion.

The two are now engaged and will tie the knot this week and fans of the show will be feted to another wedding extravaganza courtesy of 1Magic tomorrow.

It seems like Zolani will always be at the center of big extravagant weddings on the show, as we’ve been down this road with his wedding to Tumi. The first-ever wedding on the show was between cousins, Tumi and Zolani and it was hugeee!

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Creative producer and writer of the wedding episodes Percy Vilakazi tweeted image teasers of the big day tomorrow two days ago: “Siyashadisa this week on #TheRiver1Magic!! Everyone is invited. Everyone. #RhythmCity #TheQueenMzansi #GomoraMzansi… Even you thereby #Muvhango. Obviously #LegacySA!”

His tweets were followed by images of Zolani and Emma’s big day tomorrow. See all the wedding pictures here:

He also tweeted: “Just in case you were thinking of missing the wedding on Thursday… In Khabzela’s own words, “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”. We’re still talking deliciousness. #TheRiver1Magic

Zolani is a go big or goes home groom and his brides follow his lead every time. Let’s hope this marriage will last longer this time around as these two have a responsibility towards their daughter now unlike when they eloped the first time around.

The show is ending season 3 this week with a bang as usual and fans can’t wait! Watch the wedding tomorrow to see Emma’s dress on 1Magic at 20:00.