Zoleka Mandela Mandela’s Granddaughter is broken from dating losers

Zoleka Mandela Mandela’s Granddaughter is broken from dating losers

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As people, when we grow up, we start viewing life from different perspectives, and we see the importance of building ourselves and also finding someone to build life with. Relationships are something that everyone should experience because love is the purest thing that humanity can share with one another.

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However, each person has their own preferences for the type of person they want to be in a relationship with and what that person should be able to offer them.In today’s society, many young people are vocal about what kind of partners they want, and some people feel that what others want from them might be unrealistic sometimes. Many people view being in a relationship in today’s generation as materialistic. Because many are only concerned about how they will benefit materialistically from the relationship.

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Mandela’s granddaughter, who is known as Zoleka Mandela, went on the social media platform Instagram to share how she feels about being in relationships with broke men. She went on social media to share the struggles of dating as a single mother. She said the biggest problem she is facing now is dating broke men. She also continued to say being with a broke man makes her make poor life decisions, which is a problem. All she wants is to be shown the money.

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Zoleka went on to say that her therapist had asked her why she believes she deserves less from the men she frequently chooses. The granddaughter of Mandela is now expecting her sixth child. What do you think about her views? She is clearly tired of always being the one that offers more in the relationship but gets backless.

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