Zozibini Tunzi: There’s no place like home, no place like SA

Zozibini Tunzi: There’s no place like home, no place like SA

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While 2020 has gifted Mzansi and therefore the world with another gorgeous black queen to call Miss SA, former Miss SA and 2019 Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi has etched a special place within the hearts of the many in Mzansi and across the world .

This is why meeting and lecture the then freshly crowned Miss Universe was one among TshisaLIVE’s coolest moments this year. We got an opportunity to satisfy the Eastern Cape beauty when she flew into the country to try to to some work on the Woolworths Catch the Feels, campaign and she or he was absolutely everything and more!

The fact that Covid-19 was still not a thing in Mzansi meant that Zozi was preparing to try to to her tour and therefore the much-anticipated visit home to Tsolo. the thrill within the air was palpable, not just for Mzansi except for Zozi too.

Zozibini Tunzi
Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi is back home for the primary time since bagging the coveted crown and therefore the amount of pleasure within the air is palpable, not just for Mzansi except for Zozi too.

The fabulous Miss Universe told TshisaLIVE that being back home was sort of a big breath of fresh air.

“There’s no place like home. No place like SA. I desire this is often where I gather my strength. So being house is like having a renewed spirit in me.”
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The model, who won Miss SA in 2019 before relinquishing the title to wear her Miss Universe crown, reflected on the instant that literally changed her life.

“My life has changed drastically. I mean it had been sort of a 360-degree switch literally between seconds. One moment i used to be Miss SA, next thing Steve (Harvey) is screaming out that SA is that the next Miss Universe. From that moment everything changed. My life will literally never be an equivalent again. It’s not even a year thing. it had been also a change for South Africans, for Africans and therefore the world celebrated that moment.”
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Zozi, whose social media following ballooned to over a million within days of being Miss Universe, has documented and shared her transition into her prestigious role on social media. it’s also through an equivalent platforms that she lets her people know just what proportion she missed them when she was in ny .