A decade after ditching 5FM: Where is ‘shock jock’ Gareth Cliff?


A decade after ditching 5FM: Where is ‘shock jock’ Gareth Cliff?

Former 5FM shock jock Gareth Cliff is known for his sharp tongue and multiple scandals. Here’s what he’s up to now…

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It’s been a decade since Gareth Cliff quit his popular breakfast show on 5FM and ventured into his own streaming media platform, Cliff Central (now The Real Network)

The 47-year-old “shock jock” has made headlines over the years for his controversial views on topics like race, religion and politics.



Earlier this month, Gareth Cliff celebrated a decade of opening his uncensored media company CliffCentral (now rebranded as The Real Network)

On 31 March 2014, the Pretoria-born personality quit his popular breakfast show at 5FM.

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He shared in an Instagram post: “Everyone thought it was an April Fools joke, but it was the beginning of a pioneering journey into online media and podcasting with the birth of CliffCentral. Ten years later – mission accomplished!”.

He added: “Podcasting is now mainstream and thriving, and CliffCentral is expanding and rebranding with @the_realnetwork and @podcastpartysa”


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In 2006, the sharped-tongue jock took over the breakfast slot from Mark Gilman. He was succeeded by DJ Fresh.

“The journey has been an unforgettable one, but I’m excited about the future,” Gareth said in a parting statement.


Over the years, Gareth Cliff has landed himself in hot water more times than he can count.

Here are a few…

  • Criticising the government for funding Senzo Meyiwa’s 2014 funeral
  • In 2016, Gareth described Penny Sparrow’s racist rant as “freedom of speech.”
  • Comparing Cecil John Rhodes and King Shaka Zulu and calling for all monuments of the duo to be destroyed
  • Dismissing podcast guest Mudzului Rakhivhane’s personal experience of racism as “unimportant.”
  • Likening a headscarf-wearing Naledi Pandor to a “turd.”
  • Insulting Eusebius McKaiser after his tragic passing.


Gareth Cliff has been criticised for insulting women who wear hijabs

Gareth Cliff has also been labelled as “sexist,” “racist,” “Anti-Semitic,” and even an “Islamaphobe.”

However, he has remained unapologetic.

In one blog post, he shared: “What I will not do is try to defend my non-racial, liberal, democratic or libertarian ideas in the face of those who didn’t like me before they had evidence of supposedly culturally insensitive remarks or become one of those brow-beaten whites who allow themselves to be bullied into submission by outrage on social media.”


While Gareth Cliff has been vocal with his controversial public statements, he’s managed to keep his personal life – and romances in particular – out of the spotlight.

However, he has repeatedly stated that he does not want to have children.

He shared in another blog post: “I won’t play a game I can’t win, and who knows, I might be a great dad, but it will remain a moot point. I’d rather not risk someone else’s life trying to prove it. Not now, at any rate!”

He added: “I’m opting out.”


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