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We are a professional team to spreads and organize news about entertainment, especially the news of South African celebrities and the wonderful Mzansi community with its series, songs, and great movies, whether on local channels or on the platform of Netflix, Showtime, and YouTube, we are honored to convey the events of the series, As for the celebrities we cover their daily news from Instagram, YouTube and tv channels as we follow their own news such as the marriage of the birthdays of a newborn all these events are the focus of great attention of us we hope that our message is healthier and strong.


Alaa Hamdey

Alaa Hamdey

Entertainment Writer


Daneloo team


We are here for you all the time and we investigate the news as accurately as possible if there is a default or error we hope that the editors will be messaging on their pages on social networks or the Contact Us form located at the top of the site


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