‘A new low’: SA reacts to Kefi allegedly faking lobola ceremony.


‘A new low’: SA reacts to Kefi allegedly faking lobola ceremony.

‘Even her beauty cannot save her’: SA has shared mixed reactions to the news that influencer Kefi Mabote allegedly faked her lobola ceremony.



South African influencer Kefi Mabote has shot to the top of social media trends after she was accused of having faking her lobola ceremony for content. Earlier today, the star made headlines after various reports claimed that the photos from her viral lobola celebrations were fake.

A source allegedly revealed how everything the influencer does is for content and that she was never married or planning to get married.


Hundreds of tweets have since gone viral as social media users discussed influencers’ lifestyles and how fake it all is.

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Last year, real estate agent Kefilwe Mabote went viral after sharing photos from her luxury lobola ceremony.

Kefi, who was pictured in a custom Gert-Johan Coetze cow skin dress, captioned various photos from the special event, “Kefilwe Mabote ke makoti alilili.”

She also sported a huge diamond engagement ring which left her followers swooning.

And now she is being accused of having faked the entire thing – for content.A source reportedly told Zimoja that the star was never engaged and had faked the entire thing.

“There was never a marriage, that entire thing was staged for content. The poor guy nearly lost one of his wives after she posted those pictures, the wife thought he secretly married her without her knowledge,” said the source.

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In the comment section, many weighed in on the allegations while sharing their thoughts on how toxic influencer culture can be.

“Stop being pressured by social media influencers and celebrities, focus on improving your life not impressing the internet,” one person said while another wrote:

“People do a lot of things for content , for likes and to trend. It’s sad but that is the world that we are living in. That said don’t be given pressure by social media especially when it comes to these issues because pple are living fake lives on the gram”


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