Actor Teibatsu Machichi talks about his albinism and the challenges he faces in acting due to his condition.


Actor Teibatsu Machichi talks about his albinism and the challenges he faces in acting due to his condition.

The entertainment industry is not blessed with many great, talented people living with albinism. It is very rare to see actors living with this condition, but they are absolutely there, and they deserve the same treatment as everyone else.

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One talented person living with albinism whom we got to know and love is Tebatso Mashishi, best known as Kgosi on Muvhango. He is a Limpopo-born actor who graduated from the Drama/Film Department of Tshwane University of Technology in 2016 with a degree in B technology. Tebatso Mashishi currently plays the role of Kgosi in Muvhango. He also starred in the popular movie Matwetwe, which was successfully released in 2017.


This young, talented actor has been making waves in the entertainment industry, and his acting skills are absolutely breathtaking and exceptional, without a doubt. Apart from his work on television, this talented actor is a proud father of one, and he just loves sharing some adorable moments with his adorable daughter, who resembles him.

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Speaking about Albinism awareness month, the actor says as someone who lives with the condition, there is a lot he doesn’t agree with, including the term Albino

“Albino means white and ‘ism’ goes for the condition, so for the mere fact that we are identified as a condition, then that’s the label I get. It also means a lot more can be done with awareness.”

Tebatso says growing up, Albinism was seen as taboo.“It was before google when information was not there. My parents realised that playing in the sun wasn’t good for my skin. Sunscreen is so expensive and should be free.”

Because so little was known about his condition in his community, Tebatso had to move to a different school.

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“I had to go a school with blind people and people of the same condition because the primary school sako gae did not understand

“We don’t see very well. You can imagine people in the rural areas with this condition.”

Tebogo says the first time he saw himself in the cinema, he cried because he saw someone that looks like him as a superstar

“As someone who has done it against all odds.”




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