Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya responded about her virginity


Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya responded about her virginity

Nelisiwe Sibiya, the 32-year-old actress renowned for her role as Dr. Mbali on Durban Gen, is captivating with her mischievous smile, donning the traditional Zulu maiden dress, and very little else. Despite her undeniable beauty, she shrouds herself in that enchanting smile, steadfastly avoiding one question that incessantly comes her way.

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The question lingering in the air is whether she is still an “itshitshi,” and Nelisiwe remains resolute in her decision not to answer. In an interview, she disclosed that people are curious about her virginity due to her attire and portrayal as a proud Zulu woman on social media.

“This is because of the way I dress in my traditional attire and the way I portray myself as a proud Zulu girl on social media. I don’t know how to say this. But don’t mind people complimenting my beauty when I’m dressed traditionally.I wear my clothes exactly the way I want to, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to know whether I’m still a virgin or not,” she said.


Acknowledging the compliments on her traditional attire, she draws a line, stating, “I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to know whether I’m still a virgin or not. That is for me and my family to know.”

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Undeterred by the recurring inquiry, Nelisiwe deems it inappropriate, emphasizing that her presentation and attire do not grant others the right to delve into her personal life. She perceives such questioning as an unfortunate part of being in the entertainment industry.

Maintaining her infectious smile, she points out the gender disparity in such inquiries, noting, “Unfortunately, I’ve never heard people ask a proud Zulu man if he is a virgin.”

Addressing other aspects of her personal life, she counters accusations of dating men from the industry, dismissing them as baseless claims from individuals with malicious intent. Nelisiwe credits her family for understanding and supporting her through such challenges.

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Beyond the controversies, Nelisiwe’s love for her culture has earned her a nomination for Best Traditional Influencer at the upcoming South African Traditional Music Awards. Cultural activist Nomagugu Ngobese commends Nelisiwe for proudly embracing her identity as a young public figure.

Nomagugu highlights the significance of how a woman dresses in Zulu culture, indicating her status. She underscores the need for cultural education and setting examples, emphasizing that, although questions about a woman’s virginity are not justified, women who love their culture should take the lead in educating others about its nuances.


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