After an incredible performance, Velaphi is taking a break from Isitha:The Enemy


After an incredible performance, Velaphi is taking a break from Isitha:The Enemy

In a surprising twist, Velaphi, a well-known cast member of Isitha-The Enemy, has made the decision to temporarily step away from the show, albeit due to unusual circumstances. The actor’s choice to temporarily step away coincides with a significant event that has left fans shocked and pondering his role in the beloved show.



Velaphi’s departure from Isitha-The Enemy was prompted by his arrest after a distressing incident where he allegedly detained individuals against their will. The incident, surrounded by secrecy and curiosity, has tarnished Velaphi’s previously impressive reputation, leaving fans shocked by the surprising twist of events.


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Nevertheless, in the midst of the turmoil and disagreement, Velaphi has disclosed the genuine motive behind his departure: a longing to embark on a well-deserved vacation with his dear friend and former co-star, Khaya. After Khaya’s departure from the show, the two actors have chosen to make the most of their newfound freedom by embarking on a month-long vacation that will take them to various countries.

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Although the situation surrounding Velaphi’s departure may have been filled with tension, his choice to take a break for travel and relaxation indicates a deeper need for self-care and rejuvenation. As he and Khaya embark on their journey to discover new horizons and embrace diverse cultures, they leave a sense of longing in the hearts of their devoted fans who have become accustomed to their captivating on-screen presence.

As fans eagerly anticipate his comeback, they can find comfort in knowing that Velaphi’s adventurous spirit will lead him to new achievements, both in front of and behind the camera.


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