AKA murder: No sufficient evidence to arrest Mfundo Gcaba


AKA murder: No sufficient evidence to arrest Mfundo Gcaba

The police have revealed that there is no evidence to arrest Mfundo Gcaba in connection with AKA’s murder despite the R800 000 payment to Gwabeni.

AKA murder suspects


Police probing the murder of South African rapper Kiernan Forbes – affectionately known as AKA, will not arrest one of the most infamous KwaZulu-Natal businessmen, Mfundo Gcaba, in connection with the murder of the rapper, Sunday World reports.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Mfundo Gcaba deposited R800 000 in Muziwethemba Gwabeni’s account before the hit.



However, the transfer bore a ‘consult’ reference, and Gwabeni has made it known that it was “purely for business purposes”. The alleged mastermind was arrested along with six others in connection with the murder of AKA. The murder happened outside Wish restaurant in Durban last year.

Gwabeni allegedly assembled a team of six and paid all the suspects. Reports have it that he paid the suspects over R133 000 each for being part of the hit. However, Gwabeni recently asked why Mfundo Gcaba was not in police custody if he had paid the money for the hit, as alleged.

The late Kiernan AKA Forbes. Photo Supplied 2

However, barely a few weeks after his bold claims, one of the investigators on the case shed more light on whether Gcaba would face arrest. Speaking on anonymity, the police official said it was impossible to link Gcaba to the murder because of insufficient evidence.

“The money and the two calls between him (Gcaba) and Gwabeni are not sufficient to effect an arrest or bring him in for questioning. The police want to establish a motive and the instructions on which Gwabeni was acting. We believe there are more powerful people involved here,” said the source.


The media also asked why Mfundo Gcaba had not appeared with the other suspects before the courts. Against the questions, KwaZulu-Natal National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Natasha Ramkisson-Kara said the matter is still under investigation.

Speaking to Sunday World, the KZN NPA said, “The matter is still under investigation, and we are not at liberty to comment.” However, the police said they could link all seven suspects due to cellphone data and because they had worked in cahoots.

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Months after the arrests, the police are yet to establish who was giving Gwabeni directives as alleged. All seven suspects carried out different roles, from spotters and confronters.


After all, against the news, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about who Mfundo Gcaba is. He is one of the four infamous Gcaba brothers from Nkandla. The Gcaba brothers are also former South African President Jacob Zuma’s nephews.

Mfundo has several businesses under his watch, from agriculture to transport and logistics. He is a director of seven companies. The Gcaba brothers reportedly have a fleet of over 500 minibus taxis and buses.


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