Amidst her grieving period for AKA, Nadia Nakai finds solace and support in the companionship of Bianca Naidoo.


Amidst her grieving period for AKA, Nadia Nakai finds solace and support in the companionship of Bianca Naidoo.

Rapper Nadia Nakai shares how Riky Rick’s wife Bianca Naidoo supported her during her grieving process after rapper AKA’s death

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Nadia Nakai is opening up about the grief she went through following the death of her boyfriend and rapper Kiernan Forbes, popularly known as AKA.


In conversation with the Sowetan, Nadai Nakai candidly opens up about grieving and healing as someone who is consistently in the public eye.


Nadia shares how AKA was the first close person she has ever lost in her life, noting that grieving was “quite new” to her.

“Kiernan was the first close person I’ve ever lost… his funeral was the first I’ve ever been to. So, this grieving process is quite new to me”, she notes.

Nadia Nakai further shares how she often found solace in Bianca Naidoo, who is the wife of late rapper Riky Ricky.

“The person I found comfort in and had conversations with was Bianca Naidoo”, the rapper shares.

She continues: “She has been quite instrumental in helping me deal with this pain because she knows how it feels to lose someone you loved who was a superstar [Riky Rick died a year before AKA]. Much like me, she had to deal with seeing and hearing Riky Rick everywhere. Confiding in her helped me quite a lot”.

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In the interview Nakai has also shared her gratitude to AKA’s parents Lynn Forbes and Tony Forbes, as well as to DJ Zinhle, the mother of his child, Kairo.

“One can’t compare the pain of losing a boyfriend to a son but somehow Lynn was able to do that. She put her pain aside to deal with mine. I love how she and Tony [AKA’s father] have a big heart and we’ve grown closer since Kiernan’s passing. This support made me feel like God’s favourite, she shared.

Nadia Nakai continues: “The support I got from Zinhle and Kairo as well has been incredible. I love how the family allowed me to maintain the relationship I had with Kairo… the one I had when her dad was still alive. It has allowed me to experience Kiernan as if he was still here”.



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