Anele Mdoda’s before and after pictures of weight transf0rmation leave Mzansi awestruck


Anele Mdoda’s before and after pictures of weight transf0rmation leave Mzansi awestruck

After being body-shamed by cruel cyberbullies, media personality Anele Mdoda is having the last laugh by showing off her trimmed and toned figure.

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Anele Mdoda’s before and after photos went viral on X after social media user @am_blujay shared them on X on Sunday, February 11. “Anele’s transformation is unmatched,” he captioned the photos.

In 2023, Anele’s hot new look has fans inundating her with requests to share her weight loss “secrets.” The bubbly star happily indulged, adding that it was pretty simple.


“I’ve been boxing for close to two years now, and I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored,” she told a tweep.

The Citizen reported in 2021 that the TV personality and radio personality previously shared her battles with fitness.

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The publication added that Mdoda lost weight by boxing, walking, hiking and previously did an 8.3km hike. She revealed that it took her nearly two hours to complete, burning 742 calories.

Fans of the media personality have applauded her for keeping the weight off more than two years later.

Fans reaction to her transformation


@Brian_malinga23 said: “It’s amazing what a weight loss can do to one’s entire outlook, she’s now really beautiful.

@Views09: “Self-investment is the best, happy she’s flourishing now.”

@zenlife_chauke: “She definitely invested in herself (I love it) – Investing in oneself is paramount because you are your most valuable asset. By continually striving for self-improvement (like what she did), one enhances their acceptability, capabilities and well-being. We should live a life of virtue and fulfilment. Therefore, dedicating resources and effort to one´s personal growth is not only rational but also essential for living a meaningful life. And she is proof that she is on the way to personal fulfillment.”

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