Anele Tembe witness hints at foul play: I don’t know what happened to my statement


Anele Tembe witness hints at foul play: I don’t know what happened to my statement

The man who helped Anele Tembe in her dying moments – and saw AKA on the balcony after her fatal fall – has made a series of shocking claims.

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Rob Steffanutto – the man who reportedly saw AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, moments after Anele Tembe’s fatal fall and helped her in her dying moments – has hinted at foul play in the investigation of her death.

The Cape Town businessman spoke to Melinda Ferguson in her book When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of AKA and Anele.


In his interview, Rob reflected on his traumatic experience of witnessing the aftermath of the tragedy.

Anele’s 2021 death is currently being investigated via an inquest. Meanwhile, AKA’s murder two years later has been labelled an “assassination.”


Speaking to Melinda Ferguson, Rob Stefanutto shared the harrowing account of how he rushed to help a dying  – and naked – Anele Tembe, who had fallen off the tenth floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on the morning of 11 April 2021.

Moments before, he had spotted AKA on the balcony of the hotel room. The couple had had a heated argument, where Anele allegedly screamed: “Leave me alone! Get away from me!”.

AKA later revealed his entourage had told him not to go down to the pavement where his fiancee lay.

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According to Rob – whose adjacent apartment was at The Sentinel –  Anele was barely breathing, and he quickly administered CPR before calling the paramedics.

He did his best to comfort her by assuring her that “help was on the way.” He even said a prayer over her.

Twenty minutes after her fall, Anele died on the corner of Loop and Pepper Street.

Admonishing AKA for his no-show, Rob told Melinda: “If someone jumps off a building and you are their fiance, you come downstairs. One has to wonder whether he didnt come down and instead chose to hide away upstairs because he might have been scared that I would recognise him. He had seen me standing on the balcony across his room just after she dropped”.

Rob Stefanutto then made another surprising comment about what happened thereafter.

He continued: “After all this happened, I went to the senior police officer, and I said that I’d like to make a statement. And then I waited and waited, but no one ever contacted me”.

A few days later, Rob received a call from Moses Tembe’s attorney, who helped him submit a detailed statement about the incident.

Rob then hinted at foul play.

He continued: “It was submitted to the authorities…but to this day, I don’t know what happened to that statement.


Last year, a scathing leaked letter from Anele Tembe’s family to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) made a series of bombshell allegations., reported IOL.

In it, the Tembe family challenged the NPA’s decision not to prosecute anyone, namely Kiernan Forbes. It also alleged how the rapper allegedly threw Anele off the hotel balcony and subsequently covered up her murder.

The letter also questioned why the family was denied access to a police docket following Anele’s fall.

According to the Citizen, the NPA previously stated that Anele’s death was a “suicide investigation.” However, they added that it had “elements of suspicion of a murder.”

Meanwhile, Sunday World reports that Anele Tembe’s inquest, which was set to begin last week, has been delayed again for various reasons.


Speaking to the SABC earlier this month, Anele Tembe’s father also expressed his suspicions.

The Durban businessman claimed that a viral video of paramedics attending to a dying Anele had been “traumatic” to watch.

He said: “We did not have any other details than that she had fallen…Anele loved her life. She respected herself. I knew her plans how much she was looking forward to the next chapter.

“She would not strip naked and throw herself.”

He added: “One got a sense that there could be some foul play.”

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