Anele Tembe’s father speaks for the first time about his daughter’s death.


Anele Tembe’s father speaks for the first time about his daughter’s death.

Three years have passed since the death of Anele Tembe, 22, who was with her fiancé, rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, when her body fell to the ground from a 10th-floor hotel in Cape Town in April 2021. This week, we commemorated that anniversary.

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Her family has been patiently waiting for answers regarding what actually happened to her.
The inquest about her death has been ongoing since last year.The National Prosecuting Authority decided not to file any charges in June 2022. Rather, the decision was made to refer the case to the Inquest Court following Forbes’s 2023 murder.


Since the first sitting was due to start in October last year, the Tembe’s have been left frustrated over the multiple delays.In the first-ever exclusive interview, Tembe’s father, Moses, sits down with SABC News Senior Reporter Chriselda Lewis.

He describes the wounds of his grieving family: “For the family, we are still feeling so much pain, we are still feeling so much anguish out of the passing of our daughter Anele. In fact, I can tell you our hearts remain so shattered into pieces by the passing of Anele, but having said that, by the grace of God, our hearts are still beating.”


“In the first-ever wide-ranging exclusive interview by Moses Tembe the father of late AKA’s fiance, the late Anele Tembe, speaks to me on the 3rd anniversary of his daughter’s death and the long wait for answers on how her body came to be found on the ground from the 10th floor of a Cape Town hotel,” the host of the interview, Chriselda Lewis said.

Multi award winning journalist and senior reporter Chriselda Lewis summarised some of the points Moses stated during the interview, which was that the Tembe family wanted AKA in the court box as either a witness or suspect.

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“We wanted Kiernan (AKA) in the box as either a witness or suspect”

‘I object to anyone saying Kiernan killed our daughter. The evidence at the inquest into her death will tell us exactly what happened.’

‘Our hearts are shattered and gutted’

‘To see my daughter on TV covered in foil was traumatic’

‘At the time I knew she wouldn’t strip naked and throw herself down’

‘ At the time we expected a prosecution’



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