B.O.N.G.A: Bonga Sithole to return to rehab program

B.O.N.G.A: Bonga Sithole to return to rehab program

‘Pharas announce going to rehab like they announcing an album’: Bonga Sithole announced that he is going back to rehab.

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Popular on-and-off again street dweller Bonga Sithole announced his plans to go back to rehab as seen in a video posted on Monday, 29 January on X (the social media platform previously known as Twitter) – However, social media users were not quite convinced that his announcement was genuine.


Bonga Sithole captivated South Africans with his articulate English vocabulary and was dubbed South Africa’s most articulate homeless man. This comes after videos of him speaking circulated on social media. South Africans rallied behind him in hopes that he would turn his life around.

For a while, a good Samaritan known as Advocate Sisanda Qwabe-Coutaud went above and beyond to get Bonga back on the right track. She invited him to live in her home and also tried her best to get him to work.

However, in a clip posted on TikTok last year, she announced that Bonga had left rehab. She also pleaded with Mzansi not to give up on Sithole and explained that he had been using narcotics for 15 years which is why his journey to his sobriety would not be easy.

“I don’t have good news. Bonga discharged himself from the rehab citing that he has to follow his spiritual calling. He was gone with another patient. I feel so hopeless, especially being out of the country, I don’t know how to navigate this,” she said in the clip.

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“He has a job waiting for him. Not one job but two jobs that were waiting for him when he comes out in January,” Qwabe-Coutaud added.

In a recent video, Bonga announced that he plans to go check in back at rehab on the 1st of February. However, this time around, Qwabe-Coutaud was nowhere in sight. South Africans were also not convinced Bonga’s intentions were genuine. Instead, they slammed him and accused him of being an “attention seeker”.

This is because last week, another popular homeless man, Alostro made it to the top of the social media trend list after announcing that he is checking-in at rehab.

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