“Beauty and the Beast: Layla Kolbe Unveils R1.6m Mercedes-Benz Masterpiece.”

“Beauty and the Beast: Layla Kolbe Unveils R1.6m Mercedes-Benz Masterpiece.”

‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Springboks speedster Cheslin Kolbe’s wife Layla is trending after sharing a sleek R1.6m Mercedes-Benz photo.

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No doubt Layla Kolbe has the plug and the bling, too. Over the years, she has wowed many with her priceless moments with her family and has fast become one of the most followed Springboks Wags.

She was undoubtedly thrust into the public eye due to her marriage with celebrated Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe.


Layla Kolbe made headlines after she showed off a sleek Mercedes-Benz 400D 4Matic on Instagram. She gushed over the German beast and even tagged the automobile in her post.


Photos of the car have been making rounds on social media since they dropped on the internet. The photos have gained thousands of comments and reactions since they dropped on the internet.

This is not her first time sharing photos of the sleek German beast. In 2023, she shared photos of the car while she was ‘mommying around Cape Town’ in the backdrop of the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

She captioned her post, “The Joys 🙏🏽, Mommying around Cape Town with @mercedesbenzsa, Thank you for looking after us!”

However, little is known about whether she owns the car or not. Like several other Springboks stars, the Kolbes have managed to travel around with Mercedes-Benzs thanks to Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

The automobile costs at least R1.6 million in several dealerships dotted around South Africa.

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Layla Kolbe has been spotted driving around in some of the finest cars with her husband, who has had an impressive car collection in recent years.

The speedster allegedly owns several care which include:

-Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
-BMW E92 M3
-Land Rover Defender


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