Beauty with brains: Former Imbewu actress Phindile Gwala graduates with 10 distinctions


Beauty with brains: Former Imbewu actress Phindile Gwala graduates with 10 distinctions

Phindile Gwala, the former Muvhango actress, has once again caught the attention of social media users with her latest Instagram post. In the photo, she confidently flaunts her figure as a swimmer, causing quite a stir and leaving many in awe of her beauty.

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Phindile Gwala’s academic achievements are truly impressive. MDNews, the ever-entertaining news and gossip page, recently revealed that the star managed to secure a Bachelor of Commerce degree with an impressive 10 distinctions. Quite the academic achievement!

MDNews wrote: “Phindile Gwala graduates with 10 distinctions. Actress Phindile is excited as she bags a degree in Commerce at the university. Taking to social media on Tuesday, the South African star shared a photo of herself dressed in a ceremonial gown. She expressed gratitude for the milestone garnered and revealed that she graduated with 10 distinctions.”


There were a lot of people who believed that something didn’t belong, and some of them even speculated that she could have bought it.In a delightful display of celebration, Phindile Gwala took to her Instagram account to proudly showcase her impressive 10 distinctions.

Phindile wrote: ” This has been a long road. The milestone achieved, I am greatful and to God be the glory for His mercies endures forever. Today I am a Bachelor of Commerce Graduate with 10 distinctions.”

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With her degree in hand and a fiery passion for entrepreneurship, the actress, who also happens to be a speaker and businesswoman, confidently declared her readiness to leave an indelible impression on the business world. The graduation of the former Imbewu actress is a source of immense pride, not just for her, but also for her loved ones and devoted fans who have been by her side every step of the way.

Speaking about the achievement, the actress said: “I am proud to say that hard work and dedication have paid off. I am grateful for the unwavering support I received from my family, friends and lecturers. Their encouragement and guidance kept me going, even when things got tough. I couldn’t have achieved this milestone without their help, and I am eager to make them proud in the future. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

It’s been quite some time since Gwala dipped their toes into the business world. The actress is quite the entrepreneur, with a diverse portfolio of businesses that she runs alongside her husband. From a production company to a carwash and even a shisa nyama, she certainly knows how to keep herself busy!


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