‘Big Brother Mzansi’: Makhekhe narrowly misses out on R2 million by 7 percent of the votes.


‘Big Brother Mzansi’: Makhekhe narrowly misses out on R2 million by 7 percent of the votes.

Makhekhe was announced as the runner-up in the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season four finale after McJunior won the R2 million prize.



Popular reality TV star Makhekhe lost to McJunior, who won the R2 million prize on the Big Brother Mzansi show.


Big Brother Mzansi confirms that Makhekhe is the runner-up after McJunior was announced as the winner on Sunday, 31 March.


According to Big Brother, McJunior received 34.50 percent while Makhekhe got 34.43 percent votes this week.

This means Makhekhe missed the R2 million prize money by 7 percent after staying in the house for 70 days.

McJunior beat Makhekhe, Zee, Sinaye Mpumi and Papa Ghost on the season finale of Big Brother Mzansi.

Previous evicted contestants include, Willy, Liema, Young Papi, Lerato, Jareed, Els and Chueenza. A s well as Meelay, Mich, Taki, Pale, Fahima, Sammy_M, Mali and Neo.

While fan-favourite reality TV stars Yolanda and Bravo B got disqualified from the competition by MultiChoice.

MultiChoice eliminated Yolanda from the show on Friday, 15 March, while Bravo B left in the show’s opening week.


Viewers of the reality TV show, Big Brother Mzansi took to X on Sunday to ask for Makhekhe’s banking details to donate money after he lost the R2 million prize.

Chris Excel posted: “The only person who deserves this donation is this man. He never hid is situation and he is facing unemployment. We want his banking details so we can donate.”

Podcaster and former Big Brother Mzansi reality TV star, Sol Phenduka reposted and said he also wants to donate to Makhekhe’s account.

“Where do we donate? I’m gonna be there,” said Phenduka.

The former reality TV star previously took to X to congratulate Liema for choosing the R250 000 instead of staying in the house.

Phenduka said on X: “So Liema was offered 250k in the big brother house only if she exits the game. She took the money! Well, done! Smart move! Do y’all know the story of Thando in our Big Brother season?”

“She thought she had a chance of winning the season and passed up a chance to take money and exit.”

“She left empty handed. And got voted out in the following weeks. Always take the money. That’s a win. A free R250K. Aowa guys (no guys).”


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