Brenda Mukwevho’s onscreen wedding mirrors real life.


Brenda Mukwevho’s onscreen wedding mirrors real life.

It’s amusing how actors always manage to distinguish themselves from the TV characters they portray.Interestingly, actress Brenda Mukwevho found herself facing uncanny parallels between her own life and the storyline of her character in House of Zwide.

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Her character Dorothy has decided to tie the knot on Thursday and Friday, 6 and 7 June. She found herself betrothed in the lovely month of April and is now diligently organising her upcoming wedding.She chatted with the Daily Sun about her engagement.

“I wasn’t expecting it. I mean, you don’t normally expect it until you find out it’s happening. I was taken to the place where the engagement ceremony was held. I’m still in shock, and every day when I wake up and see the ring, I realise it more. I think it’s going to be a journey. Even though it’s an engagement, it’s a journey, and the bigger journey is marriage,” Brenda said.



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According to her, she and Dorothy may have their differences, but she couldn’t help but be captivated by the similarities in their journeys.

“We’re different. She’s a maid and a loudmouth. In real life I’m quiet and a TV producer. We’re opposite, but her story matches my real life. It was nice to witness her experiences.There are a few elements I’ve seen in the preparations for Dorothy’s wedding. As for me, I had to go with the flow. I’m in the present and enjoying being an engaged woman,” Brenda said.

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Dorothy and her husband Molefe (portrayed by the talented Motlatsi Mafatshe) were in dire need of their family, friends, and community to rally together and lend a hand for their wedding. Their business had quite a reputation.

“I live a private life, so does my future husband’s family. We’re keen on keeping things in our close circle. Our families take care of things internally. Unlike Dorothy and Molefe, the community comes to the celebrations,” she said.


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