Brenda Ngxoli names and shames another actor for ‘groping’ her.


Brenda Ngxoli names and shames another actor for ‘groping’ her.

Actress Brenda Ngxoli named and shamed a male actor she accused of groping her on a film set during her ‘Podcast and Chill’ interview.

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Actress Brenda Ngxoli has named and shamed another male costar for inappropriate action towards her on a film set, this time for groping.

She also revisited the moment her colleague David James hurled a racial slur at her on the set of their Apartheid-era film Sew the Winter to My Skin.


The screen star shared her truth on Thursday’s episode of Podcast and Chill.


Speaking to MacG and Sol Phenduka on Podcast And Chill, Brenda Ngxoli reflected on a few of her unpleasant filming experiences.

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One that stood out was being allegedly fondled by her male co-star on the set of Sew the Winter to My Skin.

During the podcast, the outspoken actress named the man behind the allegations – Ezra Mabengeza.

According to the actress, Ezra had “groped” her thighs and made comments that the sight of her feet had sexually aroused him. When she reported the incident to her production company, she was allegedly accused of “leading on” her co-star.

Brenda first spoke out about the actor in an interview with Anele Mdoda in 2019 on the SABC talk show Real Talk with Anele.

Without naming him, she said: “In a space whereby I feel most at home, a space that I love with all my heart, I got fondled by a fellow actor, they (the person) rubbed on my thighs during a take. “

During another scene, Brenda claims the actor had said inappropriate things to her.

She continued: “This particular actor told me that when he looked at my feet, he gets horny. And the funny thing is that I laughed. Nobody knows how to react to these things, so I laughed, I giggled, and I walked away.”


Also during her Podcast and Chill interview, Brenda Ngxoli spoke of being racially insulted by co-star David James.

She said: “He said that. On a production that was black-owned. It was of the last days, it was hectic. He said; ‘Hey jou k***ir meit.’ What hurt the most was that a whole of white extras were more shocked”.

David James has apologised for using the K word on co star Brenda

In a recent tweet, Brenda claimed that she chose to speak out on Podcast and Chill to “tell my truth.”

She added: “I don’t want anything from anyone”.

In a statement to The South African, David James apologised for using the racial slur, which he claims was made in “mutual banter.”

He said: “I deeply regret any hurt that Ms Ngxoli felt. I am sorry that this regrettable incident still haunts her seven years later”

David stated he would welcome including an “investigation of this incident” by the Human Rights Commission.


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