Change of heart? Gareth Cliff backs Jacob Zuma for top spot


Change of heart? Gareth Cliff backs Jacob Zuma for top spot

From calling out the ex president for corruption and greed, Gareth Cliff is now supporting MK Party’s Jacob Zuma for a top spot in parliament.

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Gareth Cliff has voiced his support for Jacob Zuma – the leader of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) Party – to be named KwaZulu-Natal’s next Premier.

Like many other citizens, the controversial radio personality has weighed into the great political debate of who should govern the country and who should take up ministerial positions.


Cliff – who previously came out guns blazing against the former president on several occasions- has also backed the 82-year-old’s controversial party manifesto.


In a tweet on Monday, 3 June, Gareth Cliff shared his views of who he believes should be given positions of power.

Zuma slated ‘for claiming IEC biased towards ANC

He tweeted: “Whoever is putting our government together in the next few days: Cut cabinet down to 16 portfolios.

“Make @GaytonMcK [PA’s Gayton McKenzie] Minister of Police. @FloydShivambu or @MbuyiseniNdlozi [EFF’s Floyd Shivambu or Mbuyiseni Ndlovu] Minister of Social Welfare. @MmusiMaimane [BOSA’s Mmusi Maimane] Minister of Education. Glynis Breytenbach [DA’s member of parliament] Minister of Justice. Keep Electricity with the ANC. They must fix what they broke”.

He added of the MK Party leader: “Make Jacob Gedleyhlekisa Zuma Premier of KZN.”

A week before the elections, Gareth Cliff publicly endorsed Jacob Zuma’s party.

He tweeted: “If you gave me only a choice of voting for Rise Mzansi, ANC, MK Party or EFF; I would vote for MK. I’m not joking.”

And unlike other social media users who condemned MK Party’s harsh plan of action, the CliffCentral founder was unfazed.

The former 5FM shock jock tweeted of the manifesto: “Better than any ANC or EFF policy I’ve heard…”


In 2010, Gareth Cliff – then part of 5FM – criticised Jacob Zuma in an open letter that went viral.

In it, he fired at the then-president over his illegitimate children and allegations of nepotism and corruption.

Fast forward to 2015, and the shock jock said of Zuma in a CliffCentral rant: “The priority of our government is clear. We are all subjects to Jacob Zuma’s world. We are here to make him money and keep him in power.

“If you raise your voice in argument, you’re either the media, the opposition, a clever black or a racist white.

“So shut up, suck up and realise that you are a slave with a new master. Welcome to freedom. I don’t like it one bit.

“You are destroying so much with your blatant abuse of power, and arrogance.”

In 2016, Cliff said of Zuma in another rant: “The President is gonna take every cent. He’s already moving it all offshore. This guy is busy raping the state-owned enterprises as we speak of every last cent of cash that he can.”


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