Chief Azwindini from Muvhango and The Wife’s Sambulo are brothers in real life?


Chief Azwindini from Muvhango and The Wife’s Sambulo are brothers in real life?

So many similarities have been drawn between Muvhango’s chief Azwindini, whose real name is Gabriel Temudzani, and The Wife’s Sambulo – real name Sipho Ndlovu such that many have come to believe they could be brothers in real life.

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First, it is their facial resemblance that caught everyone’s eye.What people had not noticed, despite their similar facial features, is their coincidental traditional style, particularly in dressing.

We have come to love Sipho Ndlovu as Sambulo from Showmax’s The Wife, whose thrilling storyline has always managed to stir up social media. He has always come out as the quiet and responsible one of his six Zulu brothers.In real life, the 38-year-old actor was born and raised in Rietspruit, in Mpumalanga province.


Muvhango’s Azwindini, on the other hand, has been playing his role on the SABC 2 show for as long as his career has been running. His chieftaincy is currently in the spotlight, and he is battling never-ending battles to keep the throne.Gabriel Temudzani was born and raised in Venda, Limpopo Province. He is 44 years old this year.

There is nothing that connects the two to prove they could be brothers in real life. They have two distinct lives that have no biological mix.

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One notable thing that put them together is their talent for acting.They both shared Limpopo province as their residence at some point. This was when Sipho was undergoing his undergrad in communications at Turflop University in Limpopo. It is from this stay that he learned Venda and other Limpopo languages, which he has used to his advantage in his acting career. Limpopo is Gabriel’s home province.

Sipho and Gabriel’s career paths have crossed once when they both played on Muvhango. Sipho shortly played Ranthumeng’s lawyer while Gabriel was Chief Azwindini.Apart from a few instances where the two actors’ lives crossed, there is no evidence to prove they could be related.


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