Clement Maosa’s age revealed on his birthday.


Clement Maosa’s age revealed on his birthday.

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With the backdrop of his birthday, celebrated South African actor Clement Maosa is trending. On the SABC educational drama Skeem Saam, Maosa played the role of Kwaito, which brought him the most fame.


His private life remains a mystery, leading people to speculate about his age, even though he is one of the most followed actors.His birthday serves as a backdrop against which Mzansi has calculated his age. He celebrated his birthday with a slew of Instagram postings.

In one of his posts, he shared cake and champagne emojis. In response to the post, Mzansi quickly flooded his comments section with warm birthday wishes. Toronto FC star Mailula Cassius commented, “Happy birthday, Grootman.”Award-winning actress Connie Chiume posted, “Happy birthday, my dear.” YouTuber Lasizwe commented, “Happy Birthday, Clement ❤️, Second Date?”



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The star, who is now 36 years old, was born on May 9, 1988, in Polokwane, South Africa. Undoubtedly, numerous fans found themselves perplexed by Clement Maosa’s age. Throughout the years, he has thrown extravagant birthday bashes that consistently catapult him into the realm of social media buzz. Surprisingly, the existence of a potential birthday remains shrouded in mystery.

The actor is in good company, as May is a month filled with birthday celebrations for many other celebrities. It’s quite amusing that Clement Maosa happens to share his birthday with the talented BET award-winning star Sho Madjozi. The talented singer from Limpopo recently celebrated her 32nd birthday on May 9.

Clement Maosa made his mark in the spotlight with his memorable portrayal of Kwaito on Skeem Saam. As a young lad, Clement Maosa dreamt of a life in the military, but fate had other plans for him. He ultimately chose the path of acting, where he would captivate audiences with his talent and charm.

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It’s quite surprising to discover that Clement Maosa, despite his fame as an actor, actually has a law degree. He pursued his legal education at the prestigious University of Limpopo. Word on the street is that in his last year, he decided to try his luck and auditioned for Skeem Saam. Lo and behold, he ended up landing the role of Kwaito Seakamela.

Clement Maosa is versatile. Besides acting, he plays music. DJing is his other gig. On the other side, his massive social media following has earned him endorsements. He worked with Huawei and others.He ended his glamorous career with the best the world had to offer.

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