Congratulations Limpopo Queen Makhadzi’s pic with a Lamborghini for R9,995,00,000 left Mzansi talking.


Congratulations Limpopo Queen Makhadzi’s pic with a Lamborghini for R9,995,00,000 left Mzansi talking.

A month ago, Makhadzi, the renowned singer hailing from Limpopo, excitedly revealed on her social media platforms that she had acquired a new car.

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Today, she has once again captured the attention of her followers by sneakily sharing snapshots in the company of a luxurious and opulent Lamborghini, fueling speculations about her latest acquisition.


Makhadzi, the “Ma Gear” hitmaker, has a distinct penchant for the finer things in life. When she’s not adorned in high-end luxury brands, she’s busy having custom-made items tailored to her unique taste. Notably, her attempt to replicate a jumpsuit worn by global superstar Beyoncé recently garnered attention, although it didn’t quite live up to her expectations due to her designer’s limitations.

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In her latest stunt, Makhadzi left her social media followers in a state of curiosity and awe. She tantalized them with a photograph where she stood beside a sleek charcoal Lamborghini with striking yellow accents, all the while maintaining absolute silence regarding this extravagant addition to her possessions.


Mzansi, upon seeing the car at first glance, thought that the car had been repainted. However, upon closer inspection, it was then realized that, no, it’s just shared, and the car is truly beautiful.

Notably, the last time Makhadzi purchased a car, she joyfully shared a photo on her timelines, seated inside a blue BMW, confirming her new acquisition with the words, “Congratulations to myself again. Milandu and zwafhela zwo fhela reached a gold status 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.”

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At this juncture, the “Murahu” hitmaker seems to be playfully toying with her fans, leaving them to ponder the story behind this enigmatic Lamborghini.

According to Zalebs, Makhadzi is no stranger to acquiring luxury vehicles, having previously owned an Audi A1, an Audi A4, and a Mercedes Benz A-Class.

As usual, the internet was abuzz with reactions to Makhadzi’s latest move:

  • “This car looks good on you 😍👌🏾,” commented @rudzani_rachael.
  • “@shonie_shontelle wrote, “Master kg car 😂😂😂.”
  • “@stanely.238 reacted with “🔥🔥🔥🔥African Queen 😍❤️.”
  • “🔥🔥🔥🔥 🤭🤭🤭 Khadzinator!!!” exclaimed @zandazakuza.
  • “@thina_chittagong cheered, “Cheeesa wena [You go girl] 🙌🙌.”


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