Connie Ferguson Biography, Age, Career, Shona, Net Worth.


Connie Ferguson Biography, Age, Career, Shona, Net Worth.

Connie Ferguson is an accomplished South African actress, model, and businesswoman. It’s nearly difficult to discuss South African television and cinema productions without mentioning Connie Ferguson.

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She is best known for playing Karabo Moroka in South Africa’s biggest soapie, ‘Generations,’ for nearly two decades. Let’s have a look at Connie Ferguson’s biography and learn about her incredible life and work.

Contrary to most belief, Connie Ferguson was born in Kimberly, Northern Cape, South Africa. She was later raised in Botswana for several years before returning to South Africa. Connie is the first daughter of Fish Masilo and the late Margaret Masilo, and she also has a younger sister Eloise Pilane.
Connie Ferguson made her electrifying television debut as early as 1994 in Generations. She played the role of Karabo Moroka alongside Archie Moroka (Selo Maake ka-Ncube). Her irreplaceable characteristics made her a distinct actress on SABC 1 till she left Generations in 2010.


The lovely and anti-aging Throughout her two and a half decade career, Connie Ferguson has been on television and in films.

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Her longest stint with Generations lasted from 1994 to 2010, after which she had a vacation before rejoining in 2014 to 2016. Connie’s return to Generations was intended to restore Africa’s most popular soapie, which had sunk due to the departure of important players.

Connie Ferguson was married to fellow actor the late Aaron Shona Ferguson . Over the years, they have emerged to be one of Mzansi’s most influential power couples. Connie and Shona met in late 2000, and Shona reportedly confessed that it was love at first sight.

They got married two months later at a private traditional wedding ceremony. Although Connie had been previously married from 1995 to 1998, she has been stuck with Shona for 19 years now. Aaron Shona Ferguson is also an actor who is originally from Botswana .Sadly Shona is no more.

Actress and filmmaker Connie Ferguson took to social media in March this year to mark 20 months since her late husband Shona Ferguson’s passing.

Reflecting on her painful loss, Ferguson shared a heart-warming message of love and hope with her late husband.

In her post, the former “Generations” star added that it was through her faith that she managed to cope with her grief and find peace in the loss of her beloved husband.

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“My Skat, life is just different without you Dawg. I miss you so much!” she wrote.

Connie Ferguson, the ever-sexy Connie Ferguson, is a mother of two daughters. She has one daughter, Lesedi, from her first marriage to Neo Matsunyane, and one daughter, Alicia Angel Ferguson, from her second marriage to Shona.

Surprisingly, Lesedi had a son named Ronewa, making the stunning Connie Ferguson a grandmother. Connie believes her wish for a male kid has been granted through her daughter. She is close to her grandson, and the two appeared on the cover of Sowetan’s S magazine together.

The Queen is a savvy businesswoman who owns a number of well-known and unknown companies. Mrs Ferguson also created a fragrance and lotion line called True Self in addition to Ferguson Films.

She also owns Koni Multinational Brands, a beauty products company that sells lotions, Dior, and fragrances for both men and women. Connie, on the other hand, gives back to the community by participating in charity work.

The Queen, Connie Ferguson, has had several achievements both in the showbiz industry and life in general. Although it took two marriages, she has built a lovely family with her husband Shona Ferguson and their two daughters and a grandson.

She was also voted among South Africa’s Ten Most beautiful women by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1993. Moreover, she appeared on the cover of many influential magazines, including Forbes Africa and in David Dodd’s Portraits of South Africa’s most beautiful women.

In addition, business-wise, she has made herself a mogul through Ferguson Films and Connie Multinational Brands. Connie also boasts of beautiful houses, expensive cars and several properties.

She put in a lot of effort in her acting and modeling careers, as well as endorsements, Ferguson Films, and Koni Multinational Brands. She is one among Mzansi’s wealthiest entertainers. Connie Ferguson has an estimated net worth of $8 million. We wish her well as she approaches her 100th birthday.



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