Costa Titch’s cause of death finally revealed.


Costa Titch’s cause of death finally revealed.

Late South African rapper and dancer Costa Titch’s death has been revealed after months of investigations.

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Costa Titch, whose real name is Costantinos Tsobanoglou was well-known for his crazy dance moves and his vernac rapping skills lost his life early last year after suffering from a seizure at the Ultra South Africa music festival in Johannesburg.


The rapper’s untimely death caused many internet users to speculate on what the cause of could have been, while multiple online psychic readings shared their opinions on what they think happened to the rapper that day.

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Although it was speculated that he was poisoned the statement released on his Instagram indicates that he died due to a heart condition that was caused by stress and fatigue.


Costa’s mother has been candid about finding out her son’s cause of death as many online reports stated that he suffered from epilepsy which was later revealed to not be true.

This revelation has brought a lot of closure to his fan base (The Titch Gang) as there will no longer be speculation surrounding Costa’s death.

One user encouraged artists to take a rest when needed.

Another user commented:


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