Couple marries despite dislike for the 37-year age gap.


Couple marries despite dislike for the 37-year age gap.

The love tale of Cheryl and Quran McCain went viral on TikTok right away. The US-based couple’s never would have envisioned the figures in their films.

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However, the difference in age between them—37 years—makes this story special. Quran is 27 and she is 64.According to Cheryl, she has never had a closer bond with a man. “We are so in sync, it’s like I feel what he feels and vice versa,” she informs W24.

Cheryl became famous months ago when she decided to dance and share her moves online.”When I did share it, I instantly got 8 000 likes. I never planned to go viral,” says the happy new bride.


The likes came with some nastiness which left the new bride disheartened but Quran encouraged her. She then went on to post an appreciation video of her dancing with Quran back in May with the caption: “I was gonna stop making TikToks because of all the hate but a great soul from my past kept me uplifted. I appreciate him because I was really gonna delete the app. I have been bullied all my life because of my eating disorder and I appreciate you King.”

From that day on, videos of them dancing and creating funny videos have been a hit. They have been together for five and a half months, and they have already walked down the aisle. A TikTok video of their wedding day in September reached more than five million views.

However, their social media fame is still not always embraced, and there are many mean comments made, mostly about their age gap, dancing or how Cheryl looks.Despite this, they got married in the Gatlinburg, Tennessee mountains, a day Cheryl says was extremely special to her. She wore a long white dress and sandals on her wedding day.

“He is my soulmate, he genuinely makes me happy, and I make him happy. He is in tune with his emotions, which makes us so much closer, and it’s what I love most about him. I said yes because I felt it in my heart that there was an unbreakable connection.”

“We ignore the hate as much as possible. Some days it does get to us, but we uplift each other. The worst things they say are about my face my age. Others say he’s not pansexual but that he’s gay. I don’t worry about what no one has to say about him or his past because we are the future.”


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