Creative expression for SkeemSaam’s Mahlatsi.


Creative expression for SkeemSaam’s Mahlatsi.

Mahlatsi Moropo from Mahlasedi Park started acting nine years ago but says his “big break” finally came in 2021.

Mahlatsi Moropo lives out his passion for acting on screen, portraying the character of Letetswe on SkeemSaam, one of the biggest soap operas in the country.


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The 19-year-old actor from Mahlasedi Park started acting nine years ago but says his “big break” finally came in 2021.


“I have always loved the idea of stepping into someone else’s shoes, understanding their emotions, motivations, and struggles, and then portraying that on stage or screen. It is like becoming a different person for a little while and experiencing life from a whole new perspective.”

Acting is an opportunity to bring stories and characters to life, he says, as it allows him to express himself creatively and emotionally in ways that he would not be able to in his everyday life. The first production he played in was Our Cry, a production by Get down Productions from the Mahuma Group, written and directed by the late Paul Rapetsoa. It was produced by Matome Rapetseoa.

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Moropo is in Gr 12, balancing academics and acting, both of which are important to him.

He says he understands the importance of managing his time to effectively excel in both areas. “I focus on being efficient with my time during study sessions. Setting specific goals for each study session helps me stay on track and make the most of the time I have available. I adapt my study techniques to suit my acting schedule. I am deeply passionate about both academics and acting, and that passion motivates me to give my best to both pursuits.”

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Moropo says he has always aspired to be on SkeemSaam and at first, his family thought he was joking.

“I put a lot of time and effort into perfecting my craft and auditioning for different roles. When the opportunity finally presented itself, I took full advantage of it.”

He says he now gets recognised everywhere he goes and is shown a lot of love by his supporters.

“It is always nice to have brief conversations and get acquainted. He even get asked to take selfies with fans.”

In future, he envisions growth within the industry and possibly landing a lead role.He plans to study film and directing too.

“Winning a Safta or two is a definite goal, along with taking on diverse roles that will push me to grow and develop as an actor,” he concluded.


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