Criticism of Somizi for wearing sunglasses during exercise

Criticism of Somizi for wearing sunglasses during exercise

‘When your future is too bright, otla gyma ka mazaza,’ a fan hilariously commented about Somizi’s shady gym situation.

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Somizi Mhlongo is well known and loved for his bubbly personality and over the top way of living. Despite this, he still has a way of shocking his millions of followers with some of the things he does. This week, he left many in stitches after he shared a video of himself going hard in the gym.

What stuck out for many was his pricey designer bag which was purposely left open to show off the thick stack of R200 notes.

Another funny thing for many was his decision to wear his shades — even while working out.



If there is one thing about Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo, it is that he absolutely loves the limelight and will do just about anything for attention.

Over the years, we have seen him in over the top glittery outfits, doing bold dance moves and simple behaving wild every chance he gets.

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This week, he left his millions of Instagram fans howling with laughter after sharing a small snippet of how he does the gym.

While most people wear their baggy clothes and mind their own business, he decided to go exercise while wearing his designer clothes — a LV bag full of money included.

To top it off, he also wore shades… while he was working out.

Take a look below:


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Many in the comment section laughed as they discussed how “extra” the media personality is.

“Gym with sunglasses Somsom, no sikiseni,” one person said while another wrote:

“When ur future is too bright, otla gyma ka mazaza”

“It’s the sunglasses for me.” a third added.


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