Dineo Ranaka launches a new restaurant.


Dineo Ranaka launches a new restaurant.

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Media personality Dineo Ranaka is causing a stir with the launch of her new restaurant in Johannesburg.The Untrained Chef can be found at 43 5th Street in the vibrant neighbourhood of Wynberg, Sandton.


She has quickly established herself as one of the most successful and sought-after media figures, thanks to her distinguished career that spans years. In a short amount of time, she has established herself as a brand.It seems Dineo Ranaka has added a new business under her colourful catalogue. Taking to Instagram, she posted, “You know, sometimes you gotta disappear and just mind your business… don’t mind my silence; it’s super healthy. It’s wholesome.”

She joins forces with The Purple Chef, Barney Jiri, for her latest culinary venture. The renowned media personality disclosed that the concept originated in 2017. Surprisingly, after a span of seven years, Dineo Ranaka ventured into the restaurant business. It’s quite impressive that she’s among the select few celebrities who also happen to own a restaurant.



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Her post has generated a flurry of comments and reactions since it was shared. Her comments section was soon inundated with messages of congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities.When discussing her new restaurant, Dineo Ranaka humorously remarked, “I may just be a humble home cook with a passion for food, but I’ve managed to assemble a team of incredibly talented culinary chefs who lead the charge in my kitchen.” Why not indulge in my culinary skills? Cooking is a passion of mine, and I happen to excel at it.

She added, “We are the place you come to for guilt-free eating… We are very mindful in our kitchen practices and cooking practices, and we also encourage mindful eating.”The media personality is undoubtedly stepping back from the spotlight and moving into the kitchen

Just a few days after she announced her comeback on social media, this post emerged. Dineo Ranaka unleashed her fiery personality amidst the challenging backdrop of her struggles with depression. Earlier this year, she caused quite a stir when she wiped out all her social media posts, leaving Mzansi in a state of concern.Undoubtedly, her unexpected disappearance from social media had fans worried.

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In 2023, the media personality discussed mental health issues and suicide concerns. Faced with her problems, Dineo Ranaka entered a facility and revealed her improvement.Last year, Dineo “discharged herself” from the institution on Saturday, June 3. She reportedly argued with a hospital employee before the event.She explained the situation and reassured her fans that she was fine.

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