DJ and polygamist Euphonik allegedly expecting baby with mistress.


DJ and polygamist Euphonik allegedly expecting baby with mistress.

Euphonik’s estranged second wife, whom he is battling in court, has revealed he is about to have his seventh child.

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The co-parenting battle between DJ Euphonik and his estranged second wife has escalated – with the woman revealing the musician has impregnated his mistress.

According to Sunday World, the woman and Euphonik – real name Themba Nkosi – share two children together. The former, couple have been at loggerheads and fighting in court about their parenting styles since last year.



In the supplementary affidavit filed at the Johannesburg High Court this month, the estranged wife claims that Euphonik is not spending enough time with her children whenever they visit his home.

“When the children are at the respondent’s home, they are not very often in his company and are often cared for by a relative of Kholeka [Euphonik’s first wife], Dineo, whom the respondent has brought into his home to assist with childcare. There is no reason for my children to be in the care of Dineo when they can be with me.

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The estranged wife said there are in total seven children at Euphonik’s house.

“Being our two who are the subject hereof, the three whom he had with Kholeka who are mentioned in earlier papers, a baby born to Kholeka in January 2024, and Dineo’s under- two-year-old child.

“The respondent’s girlfriend has just had her baby shower, and there will soon be an eighth baby in the picture,” she stated in the affidavit,” she said.


Last year, the woman – who left the former 947 radio host after he wanted to take a third wife – accused him of being a deadbeat father.

Sunday World reported at the time that the Busa hitmaker only pays for their children’s school fees. She told that court the she wants R12 500 per child.

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In addition, she said she wants Euphonik to continue paying for their children’s school fees and for him to also pay for three extramural activities per child.

Before the deadbeat father accusations, she also accused him of bugging and cloning her cellphone. As a result, she opened a criminal case against him.

At the time, Euphonik denied knowing about the criminal charges.

He also reportedly said: “Her assertion that she is afraid of me is denied and is nothing more than an attempt by the respondent to muddy the waters.

“She has no cause or reason to believe that I would harm her, and I certainly never would.”


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