Dj Hazel Kotu celebrates no-tlof-tlof.


Dj Hazel Kotu celebrates no-tlof-tlof.

Renowned house DJ, Hazel Kotu is currently taking a break from the tlof tlof scene.DJ Hazel, a multi-talented individual, recently marked a full year of refraining from any kind of sexual activity.



The 29-year-old from Pretoria shared with the Daily Sun that she made a vow for religious/spiritual reasons and found the commitment to be a breeze.She humorously mentioned that her motivation stems from a higher calling, rather than focusing on achievements and abstaining from relationships.

“Sex was made for marriage. Unfortunately, people go with the ways of the world. Casual sex and infidelity are a normal part of society, I wanted something different.Choosing celibacy won’t change the price of petrol, but I’ve had peace that surpasses all understanding and clarity on a lot of things since I started in May 2023. I’m content with who I am. Now, I understand sex, something I've never done before,” said Hazel.


According to Hazel, she has always been aware of what she wanted to achieve, but she has always been afraid of the unknown, the amount of change that it may bring into her life, and how she would deal with it.


“My plan was to do it in April as part of my birthday celebration, but it didn’t happen. I knew it was time the following month and had to decide. Little did I know that I’m making the best decision for myself. My life hasn’t been the same since. I’m grateful,” she said.

Hazel stated that she accepted the promise while she was still a single woman, and two of her attempts at conversing had been unsuccessful to this point.

“The first guy wanted us to go on a weekend away for our first date after two weeks of talking. I didn’t tell him, but I could read where the situation was going, so I put a stick in it before it went further.I tried a different approach with the second guy by disclosing upfront, but that seemed to be the only thing he was looking forward to,” she said.

She added: “This year, I’m graduating from Wits Business School for my Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. My podcast Within with Hazel is doing well," she said.


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