DJ Lamiez reflects on her motherhood journey and challenges.


DJ Lamiez reflects on her motherhood journey and challenges.

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Before she got pregnant, DJ Lamiez Holworthy said that people had said mean things to her.  She talked about what she was going through before she got pregnant and how thankful she is for where she is now.


She said that many people called her names and that she was pretty sure she would never get pregnant. The famous DJ, who is married to rapper and businessman Khuli Chana, finally had a baby boy on March 12, 2018, after years of trying. Zimoja says that Khuli has two other children from a past relationship. Lamiez has also accepted them, even though trolls on social media would often tell her that she wasn’t their mother.

Finally addressing the trolls, Lamiez said, “I have been a victim of insensitive haters who would often say the most outrageous things without considering my feelings. One comment that particularly hurt me was made by one of my followers, who called me barren. This shows how insensitive, vile, and downright people can be,” she said.


Lamiez Holworthy-Morule reflects on her maternity journey and the difficulties of being a working mother. Khuli Chana and his wife welcomed their first child a few months ago. However, the first-time mother expressed her feelings, saying she felt terrible leaving her lovely boy at home while she went to work.

I can’t explain all the emotions I’ve gone through- from the little mommy guilt that comes with leaving your little one behind to the hunger that comes with wanting to go extra harder just for him. Then there’s your body having to adapt or learn to push through the crazy hours all over again and still give every gig your all

Holworthy said that with her newfound purpose, drive, and hunger, she “cannot wait to go even harder” while balancing being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and all the other roles she plays.

Lamiez started her career as an underground disc jockey while learning and mastering the art of mixing in 2010. She started her career in high school by guest presenting on a show called KMTV on Soweto TV and later emerged as the host for the South African lifestyle show Living The Dream which aired on Tshwane TV.She has revealed that she almost left the entertainment industry after an accident during her audition where her car was vandalized and her deejay equipment was stolen. After seven years, she landed her biggest role on SABC 1’s Live Amp.

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She’s known as the official full-time DJ for Sun City Resort and the official Miss South Africa DJ for the past two years. In April 2021, she became the co-host of the Metro FM dance show, Penthouse Session alongside South African DJ and presenter Lulo Cafe. In July 2021, she was the presenter of the 27th South African Music Awards.

She started her own philanthropic foundation, the Lamiez Holworthy Foundation. The foundation provides aid for orphanages and safe houses for abused, abandoned HIV-infected, and affected children. The foundation also focuses on funding students from disadvantaged backgrounds with study materials, financial aid, and sponsors.In October 2021, she was honoured at the South African Heroines Awards for her philanthropic work.


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